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Real Money Stands the Test of Time!

Today U.S. gold and silver coins represent a timeless store of value in a world of declining paper currencies. Swiss America clients have successfully followed their simple "Swiss Diversification Strategy" road map for over three decades.

Before investing in precious metals, it is important to understand the times in which we live and the market fundamentals driving the globe back toward tangible assets - in a world awash in debt and money substitutes.

The physical gold and silver markets are driven by a variety of complex forces. Since 2001, both internal and external forces have combined to create a major "secular" bull market cycle in all forms of "real" money.

Seven major forces have been propelling gold and silver prices higher in the 21st century:

1. A Falling U.S. Dollar
Gold is sometimes referred to as the 'anti-dollar' because it is a perfect hedge against a falling dollar. The dollar has fallen 40% since 2001 and 95% since the 1950s. Shockingly, few Americans know this or understand why. Smart investors are moving in droves out of U.S. dollars and into foreign currencies, commodities and gold. Even central banks are building gold reserves.

2. Rising "Real World" Inflation
The Federal Reserve and the U.S. Government's Consumer Price Index report inflation at 2-3% a year, yet common sense says real world inflation is likely over twice that amount. "Inflation is the one form of taxation that can be imposed without legislation," said Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman.

3. Growing Commodity Demand
A secular bull market in gold, silver and commodities began in 2001, which has driven oil prices up from $25 a barrel to nearly $100 and pushed gold prices up fourfold. According to industry experts, typical "secular" (or long-term) market cycles average 18 to 23 years. Using 2001 as a starting date, this trend should continue for another decade.

4. Rising Geopolitical Uncertainty
Since September 11, 2001 the world has increasingly become an ideological, political and economic battlefield. The threat of a terrorist attack is present every day. Owning portable, liquid and universally accepted wealth is highly sought after in a crisis. Gold coins offer the safest of havens during global uncertainties.

5. The Popularity of ETFs (Electronic Traded Funds)
A gold or silver ETF is a security backed up by allocated metal held in a vault on behalf of investors and is sold at all major brokerages. Gold bullion placed in ETFs has been one of the fastest growing niches in the gold rush despite growing concerns over fund transparency and lack of actual metal held in vaults for all ETFs sold. ETFs are not a replacement for holding physical gold coins in a well diversified portfolio.

6. Increase in Internet Trading
The educational and entrepreneurial impact of the Internet has dramatically changed the coin market in the last decade, both for the better and for the worse. Buying any item from an unknown source is not without risks, such as buying counterfeit or stolen coins or never receiving coins you paid for at all.

7. Growing Interest in Coin Collecting
The U.S. Mint has heavily promoted modern coin collecting since 2000 with its Statehood Quarter program, which has added 140 million new collectors to the market. U.S. American Eagle Gold, Silver and Platinum coins are allowed in a precious metal IRA.

Rebuild Your Nest Egg with Gold
Retirement (and Reinspirement) Plans That Shine!

One of the best ways to protect your savings today is with a Precious Metals IRA. You can save on taxes by rolling over an IRA or 401(k) from a previous employer into U.S. gold and silver coins!

While most investors watched their investments and retirement funds gyrate in recent years, American Eagle Gold coins prices have almost doubled over the past five years!

Swiss America can help you get gold into your nest egg for safety and growth. "Time to Quit Your Old 401(k)s? asks the Wall Street Journal. "When changing employers, many workers leave money in the company retirement plan. But moving the dollars to an IRA might be a better deal."

Did you know that the U.S. Government has allowed Americans to place certain types of U.S. gold and silver coins into retirement plans since 1986? It's true!

Swiss America can help you transfer paper assets into gold with no tax penalties or new contributions by converting an existing IRA or other retirement fund into a "Self-Directed Precious Metal IRA."

Over a decade ago, Dr. Raymond Lombra presented a 40-page report to Congress on the use of gold in IRAs that said; "Given the turbulent economic conditions, holding 5-10% of an IRA in gold is both warranted and prudent."

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